Seminar on Topics in Signal Processing

The major goals of the seminar are to learn how to do scientific research and to learn and practice presentation techniques. Each student has to prepare a scientific talk about the topic he or she has registered for. The students have to collect the required literature, understand its contents, and prepare a presentation about it that summarizes the topic.

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Supervised Terms

  • WS20/21
  • WS19/20

WS20/21: Recent Advances in Multimedia Compression - From 3D Point Clouds to Deep Neural Networks

  1. Compression Schemes for 360-degree Video Streaming
  2. Compression Artifacts Reduction for Compressed Image/Videos
  3. End-to-End Image/Video Compression With Neural Networks
  4. Semantic Image/Video Compression Through Deep Learning
  5. Video Compression for Low Delay Video Streaming
  6. Point Cloud Compression for Autonomous Driving
  7. Map Compression for Visual SLAM Systems
  8. Deep Autoencoder Model for Dynamically Acquired Point Cloud Data Compression Enhancement Using IMU Sensors
  9. Compression Schemes for Cloud Robotics
  10. Vibrotactile Perception and Compression
  11. Neural Network Model Compression
  12. Knowledge Distillation for Enhanced Neural Networks

Subjects WS19/20: Autonomous Driving Methods

The planned topics for this semester:

  1. Teleoperation for Autonomous Driving Failures
  2. Early Failure Prediction in Autonomous Driving
  3. Visual SLAM Methods
  4. Path Planning
  5. Attentive Sensory Data Rate Adaptation
  6. Multi-modal Object Detection
  7. Predictive Methods for Network Delay Compensation by Teledriving
  8. Vision Enhancement for Autonomous Driving under Adverse Weather Conditions
Markus Hofbauer
Markus Hofbauer
Senior Build Engineer & Associate Lecturer

Senior Build Engineer at Luminar Technologies and Associate Lecturer on Software Engineering at the Technical University of Munich.