Software Engineering Lab

Basic introduction to principles of software engineering including unit testing, test driven development, refactoring and more.


Software engineering skills of any engineer become more important with the ongoing digitization and automation. Software engineering means not only delivering an implementation that fulfills the requirements and generates correct results. A second highly important aspect is to deliver software that can be maintained by multiple contributors, over months, years or even decades. This lifetime aspect and the number of developers contributing to the software introduces additional requirements and challenges in the development process. Software has to be testable, readable, and extendable. Concepts such as unit tests, code reviews, and continuous integration support writing software with these characteristics.

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Supervised Years

  • WS21/22
  • SS21


I learned a lot while creating this course at the Chair of Media Technology. I want to thank Christoph Bachhuber and Kevin Meyer for their contributions and discussions while working on this course. I also want to thank Prof. Eckehard Steinbach for giving me the freedom and support in creating and running this course.

Markus Hofbauer
Markus Hofbauer
Research Associate and Software Engineer

Research Associate at the Chair of Media Technology and Software Engineer.